Always Moving, Always Filming

As a short documentary producer, I am away from home a lot, and generally need to travel in order to handle aspects of production at many locations. As a result, no matter where I go, I have to have a car in order to get me from place to place. However, I do not own a car of my own because when I am home, I live next to pretty much everything I need. Therefore, I do not have a permanent car insurance simply because I would not use it. This does create a unique problem when traveling, however. Since one needs car insurance in order to drive a car in the UK, that means I generally need to be insured for whichever car I happen to be driving at the time. In other words, my life is a little complicated when it comes to getting where I need to go. Thankfully, that is what short term car insurance, which I buy from here or from carinsurancefor1day is for.

As an example, I was recently doing a documentary on the parenting skills of psychologists in the UK. Surprisingly, it was a little difficult to find willing participants for the film, but I found a handful in different corners of the country. In the end, because of the length of time it would take to drive, it was much easier to fly. However, when I got to my location, I always needed a car, and thus needed insurance in order to drive the car.

Thankfully, I have a dependable assistant helping me with all of my plans. She made plans for the cars I would drive, and gave me detailed instructions on how to go about getting insurance for them. It was really quite simple to accomplish and most people can probably get it fairly quickly. For me, it was a breeze, and all I had to do was make a single phone call. In the end, it made the entire experience of filming that much easier and more efficient.

Best of all, since I do not normally drive a car, temporary car insurance from was the best solution to meet my needs. This way, I could not only get the amount of insurance that I required, but also for the proper amount of time I needed it. As a result, it was a simpler way to go about the entire process, and was a much cheaper option as well. Why pay for long-term car insurance if you will not use it? It makes short-term car insurance a clear benefit for people like me.

I am actually working on another documentary in the next few weeks on the subculture of herbalists. Believe it or not, it can be a bit more difficult to find herbalists than one might think. As a result, I have found that more travel will be necessary. Thankfully, I am well aware of my options and how to become properly insured this time around. I have even made plans ahead of time, all of it is taken care of, and now all I have to worry about is my film just as it should be.

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